Laurence E. Harris

Larry Harris concentrate his practice on legislative, regulatory, international, and business issues for a diverse range of clients.  During his expansive career,
Mr. Harris held executive-level positions at several public and private corporations, such as Texas Instruments, Reliance Group, MCI, Metro-media, and Teligent,
where he served in many capacities including CEO, COO, and general counsel.  He brings a broad range of corporate experience in legal, operation, and financial areas.
Before joining Patton Boggs, Mr. Harris was senior vice president and general counsel of Teligent, an international telecommunications company.
In this position, he developed and maintained the company’s political relationships in the White House, Congress, and with state and federal regulators.
Mr. Harris also oversaw international development activities.
Mr. Harris was the 28th employee of MCI, serving from 1972-1982 as vice president of telephone company relations and tariffs.  At this time, he managed corporate relations with AT&T,
independent telephone companies, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and the Office of Telecommunications Policy at the White House.
He also coordinated MCI’s anti-trust lawsuits.
Before rejoining MCI in 1992.  Mr. Harris was president and CEO for International Telecom Systems, Inc. and CRICO Communications, major paging firms that he founded.
He also serve as president and COO of Metro-media Telecommunications, where he was responsible for the development of Metro-media’s cellular and paging business.

Mr. Harris was, before that, chief of the FCC’s Mass Media Bureau.  While serving the FCC, Mr. Harris acted as a principal adviser to the FCC chairman on matters involving

policy and programs for radio, television, and cable.
Mr. Harris was a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, serving in the destroyer fleet.  He served on the Board of Directors of MCI and the Risk and Corporate Governance Committees,
and on the Board of FILA Sportswear as Chairman of the Audit Committee.  Mr. Harris also served on the Board of Directors of InPhonic as Chairman of the Audit Committee,
and at Applebee’s International, on the Audit Committee and the Corporate Governance/Nominating Committee.

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