Letter from Roy

I am Roy Hibbert, Jr. and I am privileged to play center for the Indiana Pacers Basketball Organization in the NBA.  Being in the NBA is a both a unique opportunity and responsibility. I made it to the NBA  because of hard work and dedication to my craft as well as unconditional support from my parents, family, teachers, coaches and other influential adults who surrounded me with guidance, love, character, and skills needed to be productive in life.

As they say in professional basketball, “you can’t teach height,” and I was both lucky and blessed with unusual height, as I stand over 7 feet tall. However, just being tall did not make me a good basketball player.  I was active in the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington at a young age where I learned to play the game of basketball.  Since my parents could not afford to send me to a private high school or college, they made sure I worked to my potential, both on the basketball court and in the classroom, to become eligible for a scholarship to both high school and college.

Since I was fortunate to benefit from many people in my life, it fueled a burning desire in me to give back to others who may not be as fortunate,  – but who have real potential.  They just need “hope” and some positive influences in their lives.  Our Mission is to provide assistance to organizations and individuals serving youth and families at risk of failure to help them succeed and reach their fullest potential.

Many of today’s youth need positive role models or that “special” person who believes in them.  In supporting this mission, my Foundation will address the various barriers that are not working and amp up the “best practices” and innovations that have great promise. I will draw from powerful influences in my life, both old and new, to create something these kids have never seen – the hope and promise of a better future so they can realize their dreams.