When Roy Hibbert contacted the Ultrabed® mattress company (http://www.Ultrabed.com) headed-up by product developer and designer Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C., it wasn’t just because he needed a bigger bed…not that this wasn’t sufficient enough of a reason with his 7 foot, 2 inch frame. Hibbert also wanted to be sure that he had a mattress that would give him the proper support his body needs to keep in optimal shape for rest of his career. “Roy was the most easy going client we have had to date,” offers Dr. Swartzburg. “He knew that I had been doing this for many years and trusted me to design the right bed for his needs, so it was really just a matter of spending the few months needed to handcraft the mattress and bed with the meticulous detail we provide all of our Ultrabed customers.”

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Don’t be surprised if you have not heard of Ultrabed™ oversized mattresses and beds, as their usual customers are some of the most worlds most elite athletes and other high profile celebrities who covet these as one would covet a work of art. “Even though we are the leader in this category, for the most part, we have flown under the radar and that has been fine with us,” says Dr. Swartzburg. To be fair, at one time there were other past leaders producing these oversized Ultra king sized beds, but with each oversized mattress requiring an average of 10 workers at a time to manufacture them, it is also easy to see why these companies couldn’t stay in business without outsourcing cheaper overseas labor and goods. Unfortunately, that produces quite a conundrum, since the level of sophistication found from customers who can afford this type of luxury bed do not spend their hard earned money on inferior goods. “While we want our business to grow, we won’t eek out profit by using inferior overseas materials that save on cost and will absolutely not outsource any labor and ruin our reputation with a poorly made product,” adds Dr. Swartzburg.

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