By Scott Agness

The talk inside the Pacers’ locker room over the last two days centered on ball movement and setting the screen to open opportunities up for their teammates. That’s what was further emphasized Friday night with the Chicago Bulls (38-31), their division rival, in town — and they all committed to the cause.

A revamped second unit created some separation in the second quarter and the starters later added the final blow with a 19-0 run in the third quarter. It’s just one win—the scoreboard showing a solid 91-79 winning score—but the Pacers (51-18) have started the process of playing at a dominant level.

Roy Hibbert compiled his 15th double-double of the year with 12 points and 11 rebounds.

“Hopefully this is a starting point and we do that for longer stretches. When you have success, you let a lot of things slip. Right now, we can’t let anything slip.” – Roy Hibbert on sharing the ball.

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