By Mike Prada

You’ve just been given a mission, a mission that’s as difficult as any an NBA team will face. You’ve been asked to devise a plan to score on the Indiana Pacers.

The same Indiana Pacers that have constructed the league’s best defense since the “No, we’re actually serious, this is the end of the hand check” era. (I’ll accept arguments for the 2007-08 Celtics, but that’s it.) The same Indiana Pacers that have the NBA’s likely Defensive Player of the Year patrolling the paint, perhaps their best wing defender hounding passing lanes and an air-tight scheme that mercilessly funnels opponents towards the least efficient shot in the game. The same Pacers that are currently 34-9, with six of those nine losses coming on road back-to-backs. Those guys. Enjoy your mission.

It’s not going to be easy, of course. Scoring at the rim is a major challenge in and of itself with the king of verticality himself, Roy Hibbert, patrolling the paint.

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